Nov 11


La Cala Health Clinic Has Moved

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La Cala health clinic has moved and the new clinic is more spacious, modern and has more services.

Situated in Calle Sierra de las Nieves (past where the market is held – 2nd road on the right.)

As in all new buildings and services, there will surely be some details that still need polishing but in general all is running well.

The new clinic also includes an observation room and independent critical and emergency care.

It serves a population of 15,000 users with five family doctors, a paediatrician, three nurses and a nursing assistant making up the core team.

New technologies are also present as patients have their medical history on digital memory and may request an appointment in their appropriate areas, by phone (Salud Responde 902 505 060) by Internet via the Intersas website, or of course in person at the clinic.

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Posted on Monday 14th November 2011 at 9:05 am